International Bachelor Ygrec Data Science by Design - Living in France

This page is a rough guide to living in France, and includes practical information from how to find accommodation to leisure activities.


About the accommodation in Cergy, please visit the website for details.

Cost of living in France: roughly 800€/month

- Expect between 500 and 650 Euros per month rent for a small private apartment. (BachelorY partner)

- A meal at a university cafeteria will cost around 3.15 Euros and a week’s food shopping will come to approximately 40 to 50 Euros for one person.

Opening a bank account:

- A bank account will be required for various administrative procedures (such as applying for a residence permit, housing benefit, student grant, purchases…)

- Banks in the vicinity of Cergy-Préfecture:

BNP (Banque nationale de Paris, Banque populaire, Crédit Agricole, LCL (Le crédit Lyonnais), Société Générale.

Applying for housing benefit from the CAF:

In order to apply for housing benefit (APL/ASL), you must fill in the form on the CAF website. Forms must be signed and send with all the documents required. Send it by post to the address indicated on the CAF website at the end of the procedure. Guides are available in English, Chinese and Spanish

Travelling on public transport:

The Imagine’R is a public transport pass which can be used on all Parisian public transportation (metro, buses tramway) and in the Ile-de-France region (RER, Stivo). You must be less than 26 years old to benefit from this transportation card.


Useful travel links:

Link to Emergency numbers