International Bachelor Ygrec Data Science by Design - FAQ

Will the diploma be recognised and who issues it?

The diploma is a DU “University Diploma” and is issued by CY Tech after 4 years of study. After 3 years, students will receive an undergraduate diploma (French “licence”) in Data Processing. Students will be able to carry on their studies for an extra year in order to obtain a Master’s degree in Data Processing or an Engineering diploma.

What kind of profile do applicants need for this course?

  • Strong academic skills in high school, especially in Mathematics and Science.
  • High school leaving certificate enabling access to a university.
  • Swiss high-school maturité certificate, European high-school certificate, or equivalent.
  • For French Students: French Scientific Baccalaureate level “mention bien/très bien” with very good results in Maths, Physics or Baccalaureate in Economics and Social Studies with excellent results in Maths and Economics.
  • English : level B2
  • Applicants must be keen to develop skills in the following: curiosity, teamwork, creativity, and enthusiasm, they must also have a taste for communication and active listening

How is the Bachelor different from Engineering School courses?

The Bachelor is a gateway towards research, offering an internship in a university research laboratory. Students will gain fundamental notions in economics, even those following the Data Science study track. Discovery modules and conferences will tackle contemporary challenges. Every year there will be transverse projects in line with the business world as well as internships. Project work allows students to be full actors in their training. The course also has close links with work in businesses, as from the very start.

How many internships will there be on the course and how long will they last?
  • One internship per year
  • 4 weeks during the first year
  • 8 weeks during the second year
  • 16 weeks for year 3
  • 16 weeks for year 4
  • There will also be a placement in a research laboratory

Can you give some examples of career opportunities after the International Bachelor Ygrec?

A few examples: Data Engineering, Security Systems Engineering, Smart Systems Engineering, Artificial Intelligence

What kind of resources and facilities are accessible to students?

Libraries, sports structures, university restaurants, cultural activities etc will be available to students.

What about Teaching Credit attribution ?

Each year, students obtain 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfert System). After 4 years, they will have 240 ECTS.