on October 21, 2021
Published on October 26, 2021 Updated on May 4, 2022

Higher Education in Western Balkans : CY Tech selected within the framework of the call for projects ES Balk

In order to emphasize higher education and scientific cooperation with western Balkans countries, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs launched a call for projects entitled « Higher Education in Western Balkans ».

Within this framework, CY TECH has been selected thanks to its project : « Implementation of the new law on gender equality in Higher Education Institutions in Serbia ».
he main aim for selected projects will consist in enhancing education and scientific collaboration with western balkans countries. CY TECH will work together with its serbian partner, Singidunum University, located in Belgrade, on the question of gender equity within Higher Education Institutions.

The cooperation between CY Tech and Singidunum

The collaboration between both institutions started in 2017 following exchanges during a Campus France days session organised in Belgrade. They first worked together on an Erasmus ICM project (International Credit Mobility) which led to implementation of students, and staff exchanges, both in Cergy and Belgrade. Since 2019, Serbia is now part of the Erasmus+ programme.