CY Tech International Strategy and Involvement

International Strategy

Through its transformation, CY Tech has renewed its commitment to be a part of Europe and the world, and, implicitly, its desire to gain more global visibility.

Our institution is excited to build on its existing international position.  We are constantly evolving our teaching methods and building out our developmental strategy so as to be a strengthening part of European educational space. Our aim is the continuity of the progress of the Bologna agreements, as well as the recent challenges defined by the latest Erasmus policy directives (social & digital inclusion, sustainable development).

As a multidisciplinary Graduate School, CY Tech is designed to meet the challenges of societal, ethical and digital transition of the 21st century in its capacity as a talent accelerator for its School of Engineering and all Bachelor, Masters and Postgraduate programs.

Our priorities are structured on the innovative concepts of CY Cergy Paris University, such as the implementation of the EUTOPIA program, a European Alliance between six universities, which plans to revolutionize the quality and competitiveness of Higher Education on the international scene.

Strengthening our international presence is one of the pillars of CY Tech's strategy, which is based on the following development dynamic:

  1. The development of its bilateral agreements at Bachelor and Master level for all its components in the fields of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology & Chemistry, Finance, Economics and Management, and Data Science, which will prioritize high quality academic cooperation.
  2. The deployment of binational dual degree courses for exchange students coming to us as well as for our students who are studying abroad, which will make our graduates more employable throughout the world.
  3. Easier access to collaborations abroad for administrative staff and lecturers-researchers and an increase in global research activities;
  4. Enhancing our course offerings in English for incoming students and creating a welcoming atmosphere for foreign students.
  5. Encouragement of an entrepreneurship policy and continued involvement in European and international Calls for Projects.
  6. Guaranteed visibility and positioning through active participation in key international events (annual conferences, education fairs) and with institutional decision-makers (French Embassies, Consulates, Campus France Offices abroad);
  7. Compliance with the new priorities and tools recommended by the European Commission with regard to the Higher Education and integration of recognition and accreditation processes;
  8. A direct involvement in the "research-training" sector as a facilitator to valorize and diffuse knowledge and results;
  9. Close collaboration with the international scientific community for the development of innovative and selective projects;
  10. A partnership presence with institutional and industrial players in Open Labs and research laboratories.

International Involvement

CY Tech’s international involvement is indisputable and includes work experience abroad, academic exchanges as well as dual degree options.
Our institution recently renewed an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. This recognition demonstrates our expertise in creating international opportunities for our students & staff and in strong cooperation for innovation and good practices under the Erasmus + policy. CY University is a member of Campus France, the official agency for the promotion of French Higher Education worldwide. CY Tech has also aligned with different European and international organizations and associations (EUTOPIA, EAIE, NAFSA, n+i Network, AIEA, …) which aim to promote international education.

CY owns a Language Centre and is also an ETS TOEIC Authorized Test Centre. Our university was recently awarded the “Bienvenue en France” label, which distinguishes French Higher Education institutions that have developed reception facilities dedicated to international students. CY is establishing solid links with Chinese universities which will contribute to the creation of a Franco-Chinese Institute to further internationalize its educational opportunities. One of the most remarkable achievements at European level is the recent development of an alliance of six like-minded universities, located in Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and France, entitled EUTOPIA. The mission of EUTOPIA is to build in the long term a unique and daring alliance of transformative and engaged institutions. The alliance has developed strong ties within the regional communities, the institutional structures and the local companies. EUTOPIA students, researchers and staff work together to build a new academic model, reflecting an open and united Europe, respectful of the citizens and the environment.

CY Tech diplomas require an official language certification in English as a Foreign Language as part of its national diploma recognition criteria. CY Tech will have signed 250 university partnerships worldwide by the end of 2021, including more than 20 international dual degree options. A substantial number of cooperation programs allow the institution to enhance incoming mobility through its undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate English-taught course delivery. In keeping with CY Tech’s global vision, our institution plans to open a campus in Singapore within the near future.