Study Abroad Opportunities

How to plan your semester abroad?

Michel Guilmault, Director of International Relations at CY Tech, explains the organization of your studies abroad and the different tools at your disposal to make this great experience successful.

Exchange semesters

Our exchange programs allow students to spend a minimum of one academic semester studying abroad as a mandatory part of their course program at one of CY Tech's partner universities, subject to post-study credit evaluation.

Laboratory Internships

CY Tech has secured several internships in laboratories around the globe. Our students are supervised by professors specialized in many domains which are connected to your studies. These internships are not paid and are offered to the students in their 1st or 2nd year of their Engineering Curriculum.
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Dual Degree Programs

Our Dual Degree Programs allow students to obtain two diplomas: one from CY Tech and one from a partner university, subject to validation of the academic year abroad, after obtaining 60 ECTS or equivalent credits outside Europe. Our dual degrees are open in the final year of the course program.


CY Tech course program includes three internship periods, in ING1, ING2 and ING3. They can be carried out abroad if the student is prepared to do so.

Internships abroad have many advantages. They allow students to gain professional experience and improve their language and intercultural skills. They are also an opportunity to build a personalized engineering profile independently of the choice of specialties offered.

The International Relations Department Office is able to provide you with information on how to find an internship, how to obtain a visa in the future host country, and how to obtain financial aid for your mobility.

Students who do their internship in a European destination are invited to fill out an Erasmus+ Internship file with the support of the International Relations Department before their departure.

Internship agreements are managed by the Corporate Relations Department.