How to Apply for a study abroad program?

The study periods abroad take place during the ING 2 or ING 3 year as part of an exchange program with one of our many partner universities. Subject to passing the exams on the spot, these stays abroad will enable you to validate a semester or, in the case of a double degree, a year of study.

This type of exchange program, which is demanding in terms of academic and linguistic prerequisites, requires the approval of CY Tech mobility jury which takes place at the end of each semester.

The courses taken and the exams validated abroad will be recognized as an integral part of your curriculum at CY Tech, after approval by a commission.

Selection principles and procedures:
  • Any engineering student eligible for mobility must apply to the International Relations Department within the period communicated to him/her by email (usually in January for a departure in semester 3 or a double degree and in September for a departure in semester 4).
  • The application must include a letter of motivation and a CV in English or in French, depending on the destination. Three mobility wishes will be specified in order of preference.
  • After receiving all the applications, a selection jury will meet and study the academic and linguistic results of each applicant. The committee considers the quality of the documents received, the aim being to highlight the seriousness of the mobility project and to reward hard work and diligence. Moreover, the results in each subject are analyzed by the committee.
Regarding the language requirements:
  • for English-speaking destinations, the results in the English modules are studied and the opinion of the Head of the English Department on the candidate's ability to benefit from the courses and to pass examinations is taken into consideration;
  • for other languages, engineering students must bring proof of their level (depending on the requested destination, B1 to B2 level as specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).