on April 5, 2023
Published on April 5, 2023 Updated on April 5, 2023

Closure of Erasmus + Capacity Building Project MONTUS for our three CY Tech teachers

Closure of Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project MONTUS for our three CY Tech teachers
Closure of Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project MONTUS for our three CY Tech teachers

MONTUS, a European Erasmus+ Capacity Building project (2018-2022), presented its conclusions this month after the closing workshop held at Vietnam National University in Hanoi.

A project to strengthen the links between education, research, and environmental engineering:

Environmental sciences use large amounts of data from satellite images, field sensors, archive texts, and more. However, few scientists, engineers, and technicians in this field are capable of mastering Big Data techniques, Cloud Computing, or Artificial Intelligence for processing massive amounts of data.
The ambition of our project was therefore to promote exchanges between these different scientific communities, to produce educational resources for understanding these different fields, and to increase mutual skill sets.

For 4 years, CY Tech teachers and researchers at the ETIS laboratory of CYU, have been participating in these exchanges to create educational models, write educational materials, and develop a model for Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence methods. All of these initiatives are sustained with the opening of a specific Master's degree at the University of Engineering and Technology at VNU in Hanoi, Vietnam.

International partners:

The partners who accompanied CYU throughout this project were as follows: the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès (France), the École Nationale d'Architecture de Toulouse (France), the University of Ferrara (Italy), the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the National University of Vietnam (Vietnam), the University of Architecture of Hanoi (Vietnam), the Nong Lam - Ho Chi Minh City University (Vietnam), the University of Danang (Vietnam), the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), the Walailak University (Thailand), the Royal University of Fine Arts (Cambodia), the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), and HUPI AI Services Company (France).

All partners are proud of the results we have achieved and have emerged enriched from this interdisciplinary and intercultural project. We are currently working on a new project with a majority of partners to promote the sustainability of the results obtained and to extend their impact.