What the heck is sustainable development and why should you care about it ?

Alexandre Pasche

Master in Political Sciences in Nanterre University.

Worked for 10 years in advertisement (PUBLICIS, HAVAS).

2003 : creates is own ad agency ‘ECO and CO’ specialised in ecology and sustainable development.

Communication Professor in CY Cergy Paris Université.

SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) France delegate.

Life is cool in 2020 : technology makes life easier. We have acces to every music and culture for free.

We have faced 50 years of great progress : life expectancy has increased by 8 years, literacy rates are higher, the air is less polluted in developed countries.

But there is a negative side of the coin : cell phones batteries pollute water, some countries are disappearing like 80% of insects, only 6% of the plastic produced since 1980 has been recycled.

We are now facing unbelievable inequalities with consequences for all (air pollution, dangerous products effects).

We must invent a new kind of developement : a sustainable development.