Living in France

The International Relations Department offers personalized and individualized assistance to the attention of all international students who want to join one of our English-taught programs. The Student Association of the Bureau des Etudiants Internationaux (BDI) works in collaboration with the International Relations Department in order to welcome you and integrate you in the best conditions.

Below you will find a rough guide which includes practical information from how to find accommodation to some leisure activities.


Cost of living in France

To be able to live in Cergy and in Greater Paris, you have to plan a monthly budget rising from 700 and 900€ to cover your living expenses. The provisional budget is given as an indication and may vary depending on the amount of rent and your lifestyle.

As an indication, here are some examples of prices:
  • Rent for CROUS accommodation: 160€ and 450€ (depending on the type of accommodation);
  • Rent in a student residence: between 400€ and 800€ (depending on the type of accommodation);
  • Expect between 500€ and 650€ per month for rent for a small private apartment.
  • Price of a transport subscription: Annual student subscription: from 350€ per year; Monthly subscription: from 38€ per month for 5 zones.
  • One-way ticket Cergy-Paris: 6.15€
  • A cinema ticket: 9.30€ with the student card
  • Entrance / swimming pool: 1€ with the student card
  • Paris Louvre Museum: 17€
  • A meal at a university cafeteria will cost around 3.15€ and a week’s food shopping will come to approximately 40 to 50€ for one person.

Opening a bank account

A bank account will be required for various administrative procedures (such as applying for a residence permit, housing benefits, student grant, purchases…). The available banks in the vicinity of Cergy-Préfecture are:

• BNP (Banque nationale de Paris)
• Banque Populaire
• Crédit Agricole
• LCL (Le Crédit Lyonnais)
• Société Générale


“Student and Campus Life Contribution” tax (CVEC)

Before registering to CY Tech, each student will need to obtain and send his or her certificate of payment of the “Student and Campus Life Contribution” tax (CVEC) to the International Relations Department. The cost for the academic year 2021/2022 will be 92€.


Health and medical services

In France, Social Security covers the reimbursement of your health costs. However, in order to benefit from full coverage, it is strongly recommended to subscribe to a mutual insurance company.

The French healthcare system guarantees universal coverage to all citizens, which has earned its recognition as one of the best in the world.

Students from a country or a state outside the European Economic Area: before your arrival in France, it is necessary that you subscribe to a private health insurance which will cover the health expenses that you will incur during the first 3 months. In order to benefit from the general French social security system, you must register with the CPAM (Primary Health Insurance Fund) within 3 months of your arrival in France. You will not be asked to pay social security contributions.

Students from a member state of the European Economic Area: before your arrival in France, you must have a European health insurance card. No social security contribution will be required. You will remain affiliated with the health insurance agency in your country of origin, to which you must communicate the medical forms that you will obtain in France.

Additional health coverage

Students remain free to purchase additional insurance if they wish to receive a full or larger reimbursement of their health expenses. This is recommended.
To subscribe to additional insurance, students can turn to HEYME or LMDE.
Don't forget to take out an insurance policy. In the event of an accident, the cost of treatment can be very high if you are not covered.

Accommodation information

  • LOKAVIZ : the CROUS website to find student accommodation from a private landlord.
  • Ensemble 2 Générations : an association promoting intergenerational living and mutual aid under the form of a shared-housing arrangement.
  • Jeunes à Paris : the website of the Diocese of Paris to find a place to rent in one of the different student dormitories of the capital.
  • Action logement : a non-profit association helping students to fund their security deposit using the LOCA-PASS advance payment option.
  • The Visale device (which offers itself as a guarantor) As soon as the rental contract is signed.

Applying for housing benefit from CAF

In order to apply for housing benefit (APL/ASL), you must fill in the form on the CAF website. Forms must be signed and sent with all the documents required. Send it online to the address indicated on the CAF website at the end of the application procedure. Guides are available in English, Chinese and Spanish.

Travelling on public transport

The Imagine’R is a public transport pass which can be used on all Parisian public transportation (metro, buses, tramways) and in the Île-de-France Region (RER, Stivo). You must be less than 26 years old to benefit from this transportation card.

Useful travel links:
Suburban trains - Transilien
Public transport system in Paris - RATP
Local buses in and around Cergy-Pontoise
Useful websites: