CY Cergy Paris University

Since the first of January, 2020, Cergy-Pontoise University and EISTI have merged under a new name: CY, Cergy Paris Université. It is composed of 24,000 students. ESSEC is associated with CY as a partner institution.

The academic course offerings are made up of an undergraduate university (CY SUP) and of five undergraduate and graduate schools, four within the university, with the fifth being ESSEC.

In addition to ESSEC, the other graduate schools led by CY university are:
  •  CY Tech, specialized in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology & Chemistry, Economics and Management;
  •  CY Arts and Humanities, represented by the National Higher School of Arts Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC), the National Higher School of Architecture of Versailles (ENSAV), the National Higher School of Landscape Design (ENSP) and the National Heritage Institute (INP);
  •  CY Education, represented by INSPE, EPSS and ILEPS institutions;
  •  CY Law and Political Sciences, represented by Sciences Po St-Germain-en-Laye campus.