MBA progam in Cybersecurity and Smart Systems


CY Tech is accredited by “La Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”, a French association that gathers elite higher education institutions.
The objective of this program is to train future IT managers in the new multidisciplinary engineering professions of IoT (Internet of Things) and communication systems so that after graduation they will be able to:

  •  Assimilate and master IoT technology;

  •  Understand the challenges of Smart Systems in France and in the world;

  •  Incorporate the acquired knowledge and experience of these challenges in an IT managerial practice, regardless of the environment in which they will be working.

The MBA in Cybersecurity and smart Systems aims to train future IT managers to evaluate, manage and optimize the IT security of an organization as a whole (privacy, reliability, safety, and legal aspects) at the technical (networks, software, data, systems, etc.) as well as the legal and organizational levels.

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  • Design of new intrinsically secure systems;
  • Protecting systems such as the Web, mobile and critical infrastructures;
  • Analyze and detect malwares and other cyber-attacks;
  • Practice cybersecurity skills in real-life scenarios;
  • Information security risk management framework and methodologies;
  • Identify suspicious cyber behavior through data mining and anomaly detection;
  • Conduct a court-eligible digital forensics investigation.

The skills developed in this course meet the current needs of software and hardware architects for the entire transmission and data processing chain dedicated to connected and intelligent objects. This training leads to all professions related to networks, security, mobility and Internet of Things, whether at the engineering, architecture, consulting or auditing level: Security Engineer, Architect and Developer of New Technology Applications, Engineer, Research and Development, Project Manager, Auditor, Controller, Assessor, Trainer, Instructor, Expert in Information Systems Security, Security Developer, Security Architect, Expert in Breach Tests, Analyst, Consultant, Crisis Management Specialist, Information Systems Security Manager.



Interested candidates in the MBA program in Cybersecurity and Smart System must have a minimum of:
3 years of Higher Education duly completed (180 ECTS or equivalent) with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in a middle-management position.


Candidates must submit their application by clicking on the following link as early as possible, and at the latest on July 29th (September session) or November 30th (January session):
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If you have any questions, please contact

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted after sending applications and will be accepted after a face-to-face, telephone or Skype interview with a member of CY Tech Admissions Board. You can also visit our website for requirements, deadlines and a checklist of materials


The tuition fees for one academic year of the MBA program are 11 500€.

80 Euros are required to access an admission interview. 

50% of the tuition fees must be settled for successful candidates so that our Admission Team can submit the study contract, an overview of your study program and administrative rules & regulations.

  • Official copies of university transcripts and degrees;
  • Official copies of professional experience;
  • Copy of identity card/passport;
  • A one-page CV;
  • Your letter of interest (max. 2 pages). Your letter will help us to know about you, your interests, your values and goals. You will explain what encourages you to study an MBA program in Cybersecurity and IoT.
  • A proof of English proficiency level CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages): B2, preferably proven via an official external exam test score:
  • Some applicants might be exempt from providing us with a Proof of English language level if their mother tongue is English or if they have studied a fully-taught English program.