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  1. Colloques et conférences

    system. This workshop is an opportunity for everyone of us to exchange our respective views on each facet where there is still debate and finally propose an article together that will be submitted to Molecular this workshop is to gather 15 experts of the field of desorption energies of species in an astrophysical hydrogen oxygen is the second most abundant reactive element. The reduction-oxidation reaction is one of the u-cergy.fr lerma H2ongrains The aim of this workshop is to gather 15 experts of the field of formation of H2

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  2. Cycle Thématique sur la Complexité : Séminaire de cloture

    offered challenges to humankind. What is new often defies the natural tendency of humans to predict and control emerge and humans anticipate their occurrence is key to progress in all sectors of human activities. general introduction suited for scientists working in complex systems as well as for PhD students and Master Activity in Working Memory. Cognitive effort such as remembering information in the short-term that is used well as experts in the dynamics of complex systems. A common aim is to improve the knowledge of the mechanisms

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  3. Conférence "Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics and Physics

    intelligence and its incarnation as machine learning have matured to the level that researchers in fields such such as Condensed Matter theory have during the past few years started to use the related tools in their to review the current status and to explore both scientific perspectives as well as potential future Roemer PR at Physics Department U. of Warwick is to bring together a broad panel of researchers from properties such as identification of phases as well as the determination of model parameters. In mathematics A two-day workshop on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS, organized at Maison Internationale

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  4. Leandro Soter

    high impact international journals. For his scientifique work he is an affiliate member of the Brazilian those nucleoside analogues approved as antivirals only one is able to inhibit the viral RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase 3-Triazoyl-C-Ribosides in order to obtain new molecules with potential as lead compounds against cancer and or emerging chemistry and Biocatalysis. He is author of more than 80 papers and is scientific peer reviewer of high development of molecules that are now approved drugs for the treatament of some kinds of cancer and viruses. However

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  5. European Geothermal PhD Days 2021

    Please visit MEET website for further information about this joint event. Due to exceptional sanitary circumstances organizing committee. Link to the event website https web.u-cergy.fr egpd2021 Link to the lab CHYN website scientists in doctorate schools from various research fields in geothermal energy come together to share knowledge information https web.u-cergy.fr egpd2021 Waiting forward to meeting you virtually and have fruitful discussions website https www.unine.ch chyn en home.html Link to the MEET project website https www.meet-h2020.com will be organized for its first time in France, by CY Cergy Paris Université (GEC lab), in collaboration Université de Neuchâtel (CHYN lab), between February 15th to 16th, 2021.

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  6. Guest Lecture : Leandro Soter

    carboxamide nucleoside ribavirin is an important medicine in clinical use that presents the broader spectrum activity. It was classified by the WHO as an essential medicine since 2007 and has been used for the treatment roles in life evolution and maintenance since the 50 s they have been used as model compounds for developing allowed us to study new structures with unprecedent substitution pattern while retaining its ability Nucleos t ides Privileged Structures in the Search for Anticancer and Antiviral Compounds Leandro Soter

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  7. MEEF, second degré : Lettres

    reprise-detudes-1 Vous êtes de nationalité étrangère hors UE et n'avez jamais été inscrit dans un établissement favorable DATE A RETENIR - 2e session - Ouvert uniquement si la formation n'est pas complète en session 1 du 23 septembre 2021 . Cas des lauréats au concours les étudiants fonctionnaires stagiaires se verront affectés Pierre-Louis FORT

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  8. Séminaire de Hermann Schulz-Baldes

    Weyl or Dirac point counts. This talk shows how to do that using the spectral localizer and gives several Erlangen-Nuremberg In the field of topological insulators and topological materials it is of great importance to have have access to topological invariants such as winding numbers and Chern numbers weak invariants and Weyl numerical illustrations. This is based on joint work with Terry Loring and Tom Stoiber. Pour s'inscrire à

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  9. Se loger à Pau

    Se loger à Pau Campus de Pau - Accès handicapés. T1 de 14 m 330 CC T1 Bis de 35 m à T4 de 66m de 232 70 à 330 80 pers. de CY Tech Campus de Pau T1 de 14 m 288 40 CC T1 Bis de 26 m 201 90 pers. CC T2 de 30 m 261 30 pers. CC CY Tech Campus de Pau T1 de 16 m à 19m de 359 20 à 371 30 CC T1 Bis de 30 m à T2 de 55 m 273 40 à 306 Tech campus de Pau - Accès handicapés. T1 de 18 m 347 90 CC T1 Bis de 30 m 230 90 pers. CC ou 461 80 CC Pau www.le64.fr aides du Département www.crous-bordeaux.fr logements www.pressepuree64.fr cohabitation Se loger à Pau

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  10. Se loger à Cergy

    Se loger à Cergy sécurisé laverie accès internet location de parking hors assurance . Studio de 18 à 26m2 à partir de 448 Logement www.adil95.org - 0820 16 95 95 0 12 TTC min CAF du Val d Oise Caisse d allocations familiales www Fermat. Accès mutualisé à internet haut débit salon TV avec Canal salle de fitness accès sécurisé laverie Location min. 10 mois 1er septembre au 30 juin Studios à T5 équipés à partir de 550 charges locatives forfaitaires cafétéria 2 ménages offerts mois local vélos. Studios et T1 meublés de 18 à 32 m à partir de 650 . Pas de durée Se loger à Cergy

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