on July 3, 2021
Published on June 30, 2021 Updated on July 9, 2021

Testimony of an experience in a research laboratory at Novosibirsk University, Russia

« We did our internship in Russia, because It is a vast and mysterious territory and we did not know if we would have other opportunities to go there. The ease of organization and preparation of the trip generated by the partnership with the University of Novosibirsk encourages you to go to the heart of Siberia.»

What was the subject of your internship and how did it go?

Our subject of the internship was to research a cryptographic system in C++. This one uses modular arithmetic of complex numbers. The subject was interesting both from the computer science side and from the mathematical side. Our tutor, a Russian professor, fortunately spoke English and saw us twice a week in the university to guide us in our research. We finally wrote a scientific paper, which is ready to be published.

What difficulties did you have to face during the internship and in everyday life? (language barrier, formalities ...)

We did not know Russian at all before leaving. In fact, the majority of the Russians we met in the university spoke English, but outside, it is true that it is complicated. Concerning the papers, we just had to be careful with the visa application because the timing before the departure was tight but with the help of a specialized organization it was easy and fast. We really didn't have any problems on the spot. The Russians are very welcoming.

Is it a destination/experience that you would advise to your friends? For what reasons?

We would recommend this experience because it is an exceptional opportunity to discover Russia, to have an international mobility and at the same time to have an interesting internship subject. The internship is not paid, but thanks to funding from the New Aquitaine Region, the plane tickets, the accommodation and a good part of the food needs have been covered for us. Life there is much cheaper than in France.

What has this experience brought you, professionally and personally?

It was a good human experience. We were able to discover how young Russians live and see the differences between their culture and ours. Professionally, we have a great added value to put on our CV.

A word in Russian, to finish?

Большое спасибо (said "Bol'shoye spasibo" (which means thank you very much)