on October 7, 2021
Published on October 7, 2021 Updated on October 7, 2021

Studying in France: Testimony of Xiong JIAN

Why study in France? Xiong Jian, a Chinese student at CY Tech, tells us about his journey and experience in France.

"France is a country that was once very foreign to me and studying abroad was a concept that was very new. Looking back on my three years in France, my studies and my life there have had a profound influence on me. When I arrived in France, I experienced confusion, life alone, and changes in habits and thought. I finally became the person I am today and I think I made the right choice.

“Learning French was an important decision for me because it meant that I would not learn English.”

Before high school, I never thought about studying abroad, let alone studying in the West. At that time, I thought my life would always be boring. Until I started learning French in high school. Learning French was an important decision for me, because it meant that I would not learn English. Many of my friends did not understand this. My former English teacher was not enthusiastic about my choice either.
When I was most conflicted, my family was supportive. My father talked with me a lot and I still remember some of his words: "Life is never static. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one will taste like. You will only regress if you settle for the status quo. The world is so big that you can't expect to see it all in one lifetime. The world may be an illusion, but if you give up looking at the world in the first place, you don't even have a chance to be wrong”.
I was very moved, because my father stood by me as I learned French. He also gave me a chance to see further. So, I started my journey of learning French and I also started to understand France in a global way. At that time, I had mixed feelings about France. On the one hand, I was proud to have chosen a different path. On the other hand, I was worried about the uncertainty of the future. All these doubts were gone after a particular experience...

In my second year of high school, my school organized an exchange to Paris: it was the first time I had the opportunity to set foot on French soil. The exchange days in France are very unforgettable. It was my first experience in a French class, with French classmates, French churches, enthusiastic people and sweet croissants. All this had a profound impact on me and made me want to continue exploring this country. Back home, my mood would not be calm for long. This trip planted a seed in my mind, which will germinate in the future. Some may say that France offers rich and high-quality education, high quality scientific research, civil education costs and international job opportunities. But for me, it was my French friends who really moved me. After the high school exchange, I was deeply moved by the simplicity of the people here and it also strengthened my determination to overcome the difficulties and to study in France.

After finishing high school, I had the opportunity to study in France. Since I started learning French in high school, I did not need to take any language preparation courses. When "the sun of the dreams" shines in reality, it is a wonderful feeling! My destiny with CY Tech began with an interview. When I was in high school, a CY Tech teacher came to my high school to register students. It was a rare opportunity! Later, I learned that in the whole city, there were only 2 of us signing up and that the teacher had come to my city especially for me and another student. I successfully took this opportunity and passed the French Embassy test. I believe that every foreign student who arrives in France, in an unknown environment and in an unknown language, is very nervous. I am very lucky that I met many friendly classmates when I first enrolled, who helped me a lot.

Finally, I want to give some advice to people who have always dreamed of studying in France. You will be treated equally in French universities and you will be subjected to the same rigorous exams. This will not make it easy for you because you are a foreigner. But that doesn't mean that you won't get any help, teachers and classmates are very patient. So before coming to France, you should think carefully: it is not an easy road. But the more difficult things are, the more interesting they are, right?
Life in France may not be easy, but I am still very happy that I decided to come to France. Because here I got to live a completely different life."